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We believe in support in others. The act of supporting a person, organization or activity can truly make a difference. 

So we have decides to share our resources with people that believe in makes a difference.

What could you do if you had support and resources to impact your Cause around the World?

Calling All Dreamers

We want to unify Dreamers into a massive collaboration to make a difference in the world. Collaborating is powerful and effective. Working alongside others who share your passions may prove crucial to attaining goals.

Discover A Cause

Before you can begin your journey, you have to know what your dream is. While your dreams are unique to you, you don’t have to chase them alone. Maybe others have similar passions and goals. 

Believe In 
A Cause

A dream can come true because you name it. The futures is yours to create. Visualize yourself taking action.  Close your eyes and imagine exactly what the life you want looks like.

Act On Your Cause 

Let's put your dream into action. When your goals are too vague, you'll have difficulty. Let's get your story out to the Community with a profile page, social media, press releases, community events and plan a timeline. 

Shared Resources

We have some great resources we would like to share with you: website platforms, community platforms, industry experts, factory capabilities, artists, logistics, knowledge, and much more... 

Coordinate With Others

Always remember that you’re surrounded by volunteers, friends, family, coaches, teachers, mentors and Revolution 52 to offer support. Utilize the Revolution 52 Community to make successful actions steps against your cause.




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We want to offer our expertise and resources to help Causes around the world make a difference. 

If each of us contribute some time, knowledge and resources towards a Cause, we can help the world.  

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We want people to know that they are not on the journey by themselves.


So we have decided to offer a few of our resources to help people with a Cause. 

Free Website 
Store /Profile Pages

State Of The Art Manufacturing

Sponsorship Opportunities

Create a free profile page on R52.World to tell your story to the world.


Share your message, photos, videos, impacts, testimonials and much more...

Our Products Are Made In The USA...

We are a Manufacturing Group that makes premium quality products that are built to last.

Our products are items that people need and use every day. Our products can be private labeled or custom manufactured to your needs. 

Sell products in person and online with Premium Alkaline Water, Premium Coffee, Shirts and Cause Boxes. Fundraise 52 weeks a year.

You can utilize existing Revolutions 52 Bottles or create your own message on a bottle. 

Community Support

We have partnered with groups, schools, universities, organizations and volunteers all around the world.


We guide you through an amazing network of volunteers and supports with advanced technology. Connect with people anywhere in the world.

Expert Knowledge

We are a global manufacturing group that can offer a ton of knowledge and support from real world global business. 


Each member of the Revolutions 52 Community has their own unique skill set to offer. 

A group we can make great progress.


We print artwork directly on each bottle. Create your message on a premium bottle of water.


Allow every bottle of water to be your platform of awareness.

Develop your own message and design on the bottle.

Mentorship & Support

We believe that people need help along the journey. We love to share knowledge, skills, and resources.


We offer a Chapter Leadership Program where you get education, training, networking, event support, and much more. 

Rewards Systems

We offer an amazing rewards program for your volunteers. Volunteers can earn  free merchandise for helping share your story around the world.


The rewards program is FREE for you. It costs you nothing. The program is FREE for volunteers.

Additional Resources

We can help in so many different ways:  manufacturing, logistics, customs, warehousing, mentorship, and technology.

Contact us to learn about what additional resources are available.


If your are interested in submitting your Project / Cause on R52.World Please go to the members area and register.